Family Envelope For September 26, 2017

Greetings SSA Parents, Family and Friends,

What a busy week… Thanks to your help, the weeding continues in our wonderful athletic field (check out the many pictures on our Facebook page). We’re excited about our upcoming Family Night this Friday, September 29th. And there are many more fun activities to come in October.

On Principal’s Retreat, I reflect on what an awesome school community we have. We are so blessed, and it is in our working together — whether it is beautifying our campus, helping the victims of recent hurricanes and earthquake, or witnessing our older students helping our TK, Kinders — one can see we are a cohesive and caring community that walks with Jesus. Thank you all!

Read through the Family Envelope (links below) and find your niche, today!

May God Bless you all. And may God continue to Bless our school.

Mrs. Karen Laaperi, Principal


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SSA Family Night

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