Family Envelope For June 11, 2019

Greetings Santa Sophia Academy Parents, Family, and Friends,
One more day – hardly seem possible.  What a year full of greatness for our students and yes, moments of sadness, and such greatness lies ahead. 
One thing I know… the office staff and family envelope stuffers, Ms. Bacchioni, and teachers will be ever so glad that this is my last Accolade. Tuesdays are always CRAZY! 
It has been my absolute honor to serve you, our students, and teachers and staff these last 27 years. I will miss that service and look for many windows of new opportunities to open from God. 
As Mrs. Anderson shared in her poignant story about her father – it is not good-bye, it is good luck and if I may add, “no more duplos” (good-byes).
I will be around as will Mrs. Croff. We can’t stay away from our grandchildren’s school and volunteering our time and love.
May God Bless you ALL always! May God Bless Santa Sophia Academy!
Sincerely and with Thanks and Love, in Christ’s Peace,
Mrs. Karen Laaperi
Your Princess of a Pal (Principal)
Santa Sophia Academy 


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