A Santa Sophia Academy Student CARES
A Santa Sophia Academy Student Is…

A Catholic Learner Who…

  • prays using traditional and spontaneous prayer
  • knows and applies basic Catholic teaching
  • exhibits Catholic values of compassion, tolerance, justice, service, and respect in the local and global community
  • demonstrates moral courage to choose right over wrong

An Active Problem Solver Who…

  • demonstrates integrity and accountability both academically and socially
  • uses critical thinking skills and strategies
  • synthesizes and applies previous knowledge
  • works independently and collaboratively
  • analyzes situations, considers alternatives, and makes responsible decisions

A Responsible Citizen Who…

  • is concerned for others, and is actively involved in the global community
  • understands their heritage and respects the cultural diversity of society
  • models and promotes positive relationships between administration, staff, parents, and students
  • follows the stated expectations
  • is aware of and respects different points of views and perspectives
  • demonstrated manners and appropriate etiquette in school and during all school activities

An Effective Communicator Who…

  • reads, writes, and articulates ideas clearly, creatively and appropriately
  • demonstrates active listening skills
  • expresses thoughtful opinions and works cooperatively with others
  • participates in and builds interpersonal relationships

A Successful Learner Who…

  • develops self confidence, leadership qualities, and physical well-being
  • participates in, is inquisitive towards, and self-evaluates learning
  • demonstrates content and skills mastery as defined by the Diocesan and school curriculum guidelines
  • participates in extra-curricular activities
  • has an awareness of and uses current technology
  • demonstrates an awareness and appreciation of aesthetics