All Saints Day

All Saints Day
  • 11/01/2019
  • 7:40 am - 8:45 am

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Every year, we, as a school, promote the feast day of All Saints.  This year our students are invited to dress up as a Saint of their choice on Friday, November 1, All Saints Day for the 8:00 mass which we will all attend. The saint “costume” must be appropriate and true to the saint of choice and each student must have a necklace (placard) around their neck stating their saint’s name and they must know a minimum of three facts about their saint (more if they are older). All those in costume will process into mass with Fr. Devdas and those who choose to participate in the dressing up and processional must be here at church by 7:40 that morning. These students who process in will then sit with their class for Mass. Miss Klant will meet the students at 7:40am that morning.

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