Friends, grandparents, alumni and parishioners – here are a few “painless” ways you can help the school at no cost to you and with no effort beyond the initial registration! Feel free to share this information with others who are willing to support us.

  1. Get a REDcard (or Target Visa) from Target, designate Santa Sophia Academy, and when you shop, the school will get back 1% from everything you purchase at the store or at Go to’s Take Charge of Education link to register. School ID# is 3290.
  2. Sign up for e-scrip: Go to to register your credit card. Our ID is 137627906. Numerous merchants are affiliated with e-scrip. We get $$ when you shop at these stores and use the registered credit card.
  3. Box Tops for Education: Clip those Box Tops from General Mills products and drop them off at the school office or offertory basket on Sundays.
  4. Designate Santa Sophia Academy as the beneficiary of your United Way donation.
  5. If you shop at Ralph’s, go to and click on to the Community Contribution link to sign up your Ralphs card. Our number is 84698.
  6. Albertson shoppers can go to, click on “in the community”, then on the red Community Partners button, and select our school. Our number is 49000115221.
  7. Office Depot will give us 5% back if you refer to Santa Sophia Academy #70015450 when you purchase for your home or office.
  8. Buy Scrip through our Gift Card Program/Shoparoo.       You can buy or order gift certificates at our school office for just about any store. We get a percentage back for all we sell.       Easy to mail anytime of the year as gifts for out-of-town people and great to give when it is hard to decide on a gift. And with “Presto Pay” and “Benefit”, you can get Scrip anytime, 24/7. And for Shoaroo, just snap pictures of your receipts, send them with the App on your phone, and our school earns cash for every receipt you submit.
  9.       go to the search engine and select Santa Sophia Academy. Whenever you search the web using this search engine, the school gets a donation.
  10. Pray for our school!!