Everybody wins when you shop with SSA Scrip — and we’ve made it easier than ever to start shopping!

The scrip program raises about $50,000 per year and helps keep tuition rates down. Each time you purchase a gift card through SSA scrip, SSA receives a percentage back in profit! Each SSA family needs to raise a minimum of $200 profit (or $150 for a single parent). The easiest way to hit your goal is by using scrip for day-to-day purchases like gasoline, clothing, groceries, gifts, etc.

Have questions? Please write to santasophiaacademyscrip@gmail.com

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To start, go to www.shopwithscrip.com and click REGISTER

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Enter Enrollment Code F6C4835D8628

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Enter / Create your account Username, Password, etc.

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Now that you’re logged in, click DASHBOARD

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Accept the terms, then enter your bank account information. By linking your bank account, you are able to make scrip purchases lighting fast! Presto!

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