Internet safety at home is important for all of us. Our technology staff has selected the following hardware and software to help your family begin initial research, to determine what will work best in your home. There are dozens — if not hundreds — of options on the market. Find something that works for you. Learn more about our Internet Safety efforts here.

KoalaSafe: Is your child obsessed with their iPad? KoalaSafe is a parental control router that lets you easily manage the time your child spends online. Hardware $99.

KoalaSafe Website
KoalaSafe on Amazon

Circle by Disney: Manage all of your home’s connected devices. With Circle, parents can filter content, limit screen time and set a bedtime for every device in the home. Hardware $99.

Circle Website
Circle on Amazon

Luma Router: Luma is a complete WiFi system that keeps everyone on the network safe,
and gives you full control over everything else. Hardware $149+.

Luma Website
Luma on Amazon

Norton Family Premier: Help your kids explore, learn and enjoy their connected world safely. Software $49.

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Your existing router: Sometimes “free” is all you need. Some routers have settings that allow the administrator to set “on and off times” for specific devices. Research your router’s user manual for directions. For example, the Apple Airport Extreme allows an admin to choose a device, and then designate days of the week (and times during the day) when the device can access the internet.

Your handheld device settings: Phone and tablet settings often allow parents to determine the apps and content that can be used on the device. These settings are not perfect, but they are a step forward in choosing age-appropriate apps and web pages that can be easily accessed.